Who we are

We are the unifying alliance of Professional Associations that represents more than 800,000 Australian professionals including engineers, healthcare and computer professionals, veterinarians and accountants. A not‐for‐profit organisation, we are acknowledged by the community, industry and government as the Thought Leaders advocating for the Professions, Professionals and Professionalism since 1971.

Our Members are professional associations and supporting organisations that share the mission of building and maintaining community confidence in all professionals.

Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan

Our Purpose and the resulting Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan is set by our Member Organisations at our Strategic Review and Planning Days.

Strategic Plan Overview 2019-20


A/Prof Klaus D Veil FACHI FHL7 MAICD
Ron Watts CompIEAust FAHRI GAICD
Vice-President/Chair & Treasurer
Julie Strous BV GAICD
Catherine Garvey CHIM MAICD
Treasurer (resigned 1 April 2020)
Dr Simon Eassom
Dr Craig Horne MACS(Snr) IP3P GAICD

Chair – Strategic Advisory Council
Dr Ash Jones MA PhD
Head – Education and Accreditation Portfolio Committee
Lynette Harris M.Ed
Co-opted board meeting participant
Mark Lowy M.Sc MPM MBA
Co-opted board meeting participant
Michael Carpenter BEng(hons) MBA GAICD
Co-opted board meeting participant

Our Board comprises seven Directors which are elected for staggered two-year terms. The Board votes to appoint the President/Chair, Vice-President/Chair and Treasurer. No office bearer can hold any one office for more than three consecutive terms, including as filling a casual vacancy.

Policy Area Portfolios

In conjunction with our Strategic Plan we focus on three main areas that our Member Organisations are deeply interested in:
Education and Accreditation
Professionalism and Ethics
Diversity and Inclusion

Stucture and Constitution

The Australian Council of Professions Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee, ACN 059 999 914. Originally incorporated in 1971, our current Constitution was approved at a Special General Meeting on 30 April 2018.
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Past Presidents

1971 – 1972: The Hon. Dr Derek Freeman MLC
1975 – 1977: W. V. McKensey
1977 – 1977: Micheal O’Sullivan QC
1985 – 1985: Prof. Peter Johnson AM
1987 – 1989: G A Murphy AM
1989 – 1989: Dr H L Thompson AM
1995 – 1997: Dr John Southwick
20xx – 2009: Frank Payne
2009 – 2011: Don S. Larkin B.Ec(ANU) MBA
2014 – 2016: Robert Boyd-Boland
2015 – 2017: Michael Catchpole MBA
2017 – 2018: Brenda Aynsley OAM

“Strive not to be a Success, but rather to be of Value”
Albert Einstein

If you would like more information, please contact us on 1300 664 587 or CEO@Professions.org.au.