International Consultant’s Day: Thursday 3rd June 2021

Many of our Member Organisations have special events where they promote their profession to the public. ACoP is delighted to join our Member Organisation Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) in celebrating International Consultants Day 2021.

International Consultant’s Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of June each year – in 2021 this is Thursday, June 03. It is a time for us to celebrate!
We are a global profession, some 60,000 strong, with over 8,000 of us accredited as Certified Management Consultants – THE global standard in management consulting that shows our dedication to consulting as a profession.
With 50 Institutes covering over 60 countries, and our Global Institute ICMCI providing virtual services everywhere else in the world, this is truly a global profession.
With our Common Body of Knowledge, and our Code of Conduct and Ethics, we have reciprocity of our CMC certification everywhere in the world. That alone is something to celebrate.
In addition, we have breakthrough programs, such as our Global Directory for CMCs, the global rollout of ISO 20700:2017, and a range of professional development programs for management consultants at all levels of experience together with collaboration programs that link all of our Institutes to each other, these are the hallmarks of a thriving profession.
“ICMCI and its member Institutes are the leaders in the development of management consulting as a profession that drives social and economic success – congratulations! And let’s take a moment to celebrate our profession and the work that we do.” – Dwight Mihalicz FCMC, Chair ICMCI

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

IMC National President and Board Chair Steve Turner MIMC CMC agrees. “IMC Australia, a founding member of the ICMCI, is recognised as the professional institute representing the profession and all management consultants in Australia. Our mission is to promote excellence and standards in the management consulting profession and to improve the knowledge and skill of management consultants.

Empowering Diversity through Consultancy

The Australian Council of Professions (ACoP) supports broad-based diversity and inclusion as one of its key policy and advocacy areas and is delighted that one of our member organisations, the Institute of Management Consultants, is leading the charge with a Women in Consulting webinar.

As the unifying alliance of Professional Associations, we raise the awareness of these issues across our professional members whilst highlighting ways in which diversity, culture and inclusion strategies are being addressed across professions and workplaces.

2021 marks ACoP’s 50th anniversary and our “Year of the Professions, Professionals and Professionalism“. The issue of gender parity has never been more important and the role that professionals play in enabling change is incredibly critical. So, in conjunction with International Consultants Day on Thursday, 3 June, ACoP is pleased to support the Institute of Management Consultants’ upcoming ‘Women in Consulting’ Webinar which aims to discuss the career journeys of a number of management consultants, exploring how they have navigated their way through their career and learning from their experiences.

L to R: Deborah Archbold, Dianne Semmens, Dr Monique Beedles & Catherine Lee

“ACoP’s broad-based diversity policy and advocacy area focuses on meaningful and actionable outcomes. Acknowledging professional women leading the way in their chosen field and celebrating their vital contribution in the professions and professionalism signals our commitment to engendering women’s issues across our communities and workplaces.” says ACoP Head of Diversity, Culture and Inclusion Angelina Pillai. 

IMC’s Executive Officer Christine Cox agrees. “International Consultants Day is a wonderful opportunity for our profession to celebrate our achievements and successes and we are delighted to be showcasing the experience of four of our women members to highlight the contributions that management consultants make to social and economic success.”

Chief Professionalist Round Table

The last 12 months have seen unprecedented challenges for Australia and a driving question has been “Who can we trust?“.  Many professionals have stepped-up to that challenge and shown that science-based, deeply considered expert guidance helps us successfully navigate the threats to our lives and livelihoods.  Our Chief Professionalist Round-Table will start a nuanced conversation about halting the trust-erosion and redefining the authority and value of professional advice.

Prof Deen Sanders OAM

Following repeated requests to elevate professions by seeking to influence the policy and decision making environment in Australia, our Board in mid-2020 commenced planning the “Year of the Professions, Professionals and Professionalism” initiative, which seeks to champion the importance of individuals and governments following the evidence-based advice of professionals in difficult times.  One path to achieving this in a technologically advanced, sophisticated and humane society is to always demonstrate trustworthiness by decision- and policy-making based on science, evidence and ethics.  Professionals who display the highest levels of professionalism supported by their professional associations will ultimately allow our society to honour that trust.

We have now further stepped-up to this challenge with the creation of innovative role of the Chief Professionalist. Our Chief Professionalist Round-Table on 13 May 2021 will enable our members and guests to discuss these challenges with our inaugural ACoP Chief Professionalist Prof Deen Sanders OAM and the experts in our newly-created Office of the Chief Professionalist:

  • Tanya Stephens BVSc MSc (IAWEL) MANZCVS FRCVS – Expert in ethics research, etc.
  • Philip N Argy BCom LLB FACS FRI – Barrister and Expert jn business cases for professionalism and ethics, etc.
  • Angelina Pillai BA (International Politics) Grad Cert (Harvard) FAIM – ACoP Head of Diversity, Culture and Inclusion

The Round-Table will be facilitated by our Head of Professionalism and Ethics Dr Ruth Ferraro PhD Fellow ARPI GAICD.

Our Round-Table breaks new ground through conversations that explore which aspirations and possibilities for halting the trust-erosion and redefining the authority and value of professional advice Deen and the Experts can assist with .” said ACoP President A/Prof Klaus Veil. “We are keen to hear from our Member Organisations the challenges and maybe even ‘pain-points’ that their profession and its professionals have experienced during and coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

For more information on the Chief Professionalist Round-Table, please contact the Office of the Chief Professionalist on 1300 664 587 or at!

Plotting the Journey to Professionalism for English Teachers

ACoP was invited to present at the 2021 Annual Conference of the English Language Teachers organisation NEAS on the profession’s journey to trust and professionalism.

Trust in and regard for teachers as professionals is high but differs across countries and cultures. Teachers of non-English speaking background students are privileged to join doctors and scientists as the third-most-trusted profession. Titled “Teachers of Speakers of Languages other than English – a Journey to Trust and Professionalism“, the presentation will reflect on how the unique professional journeys of leaders, teachers, practitioners, professionals and students nurture, maintain and merit this privileged position with the speakers taking ACoP’s vantage point and remit of advancing Professions, Professionals and Professionalism.

From a perspective of transformation stimulated by intercultural exchange, ACoP’s Head of Professionalism Dr Ruth Ferraro will speak to her personal observations of her own journey towards trust and professionalism and the transformation that she pinpoints as her ‘brightest’ enlightenment through research on professionals and professionalism.

ACoP President A/Prof Klaus Veil will contribute his remarks from the viewpoint of an organisation celebrating its half-a-century anniversary by designating 2021 as the Year of the Professions. Professionals and Professionalism and tasked by its member associations to enhance community confidence in the Professions, Professionals and Professionalism and guide a transformation whose time has come towards science- and evidence-based policy-making.

Presentation details are at

For access to the recording of the Presentation, please contact us on 1300 664 587 or at

ACoP appoints Chief Professionalist

Australia and its institutions have experienced unprecedented challenges in the last 12 months.  A question that many have asked has been “who can we trust?“. The strength of Australia’s professional community stepping up to that challenge and helping us navigate the threats to our lives and livelihoods has been inspiring.  In this our Year of the Professions, Professionals and Professionalism we have therefore appointed a ‘Chief Professionalist’ to be the public face of our mission to advocate for the value of professional expertise.

The dedication of our community of professionals offering evidence-based expert solutions and counsel is something we want to celebrate and promote as a national strength. To magnify and personalise that voice we have appointed Prof Deen Sanders OAM as the inaugural ‘Chief Professionalist‘ to advocate our mission to government and the community. This innovation is inspired by the highly valued Chief Scientist, Chief Economist, the Chief Medical/Health Officers, the Chief Engineer, Chief Data Scientist, etc.  Deen will engage with national leaders as well as the broader community to advocate for the purpose and value of the professions, professionals and professionalism.

“I believe that being professional is more than being expert. What makes our community of professionals so outstanding is that, no matter what their field, they combine that expertise with their natural humanity and dedication to service.” said Deen in taking up this role.

Deen will work with our member organisations in events large and small that exemplify the value of the professions, their professionals and professionalism.  This work will start at our ‘Chief Professionalist Round-Table‘ where Deen and our members will explore recent experiences of professionals and their professions.

Welcome Deen!

Sydney Uni Researches Professional Ethics

Professionals encounter ethical challenges in their work.  Sydney University PhD student Anne Quain is seeking to find out what support is accessed by professionals when navigating these situations, and what kind of support is offered by professional associations.

As part of her research, Anne has developed in consultation with ACoP a survey for members of professional associations around the ethical challenge of noticing suspected ethical misconduct by a colleague: The survey is completely anonymous and will take 5-10 minutes.

The findings will be used to inform ACoP and professional associations how they can best support their members who are experiencing ethically challenging situations.

If you would like more information about the survey or the underlying ‘Guiding for Professionalism‘ project, contact us on 1300 664 587 or

Professional Organisation Development Expert joins ACoP

To further enhance our capability to support the professionalising of communities of practice, in particular the development of a framework to assist the development of Professional Associations, we have engaged a renowned expert in developing professional associations.

Mark Lowy MBA MPM BSc PMP PgMP has joined our Office of the CEO to advance the professionalisation of emerging professions, with an early focus on the development of a framework that emerging professions can use to plan and progress their efforts to be more formally recognised as a profession. “With over 25 years as project management practitioner, along with formal education and several certifications in project management, I have gained a deep insight into the life-cycle and maturity of project management as a profession and other professions more broadly.” says Mark.

President Klaus Veil is delighted about this enhancement of ACoP’s capability. “Many of our Member Organisations have asked how we can support them in attaining the levels of privilege and inclusion that well-established professions occupy.  I am delighted that Mark has been able to join us to share his deep experience in developing professional associations.” he said. “We expect that our professionalism maturity assessment framework will become the foundation for the ability to better recognise the authority and value of professionals and their professions. In challenging times where people ask “Who can we Trust?” this will be essential to halt the trust-erosion and redefine the authority and value of professional advice.” said Professor Veil.

One of Mark’s first activities will be to progress the development of the professionalism maturity assessment framework as prioritised in our 2021 Operational Plan. Read more about Mark’s backgound at

Welcome Mark!