Chartered Accountants ANZ join Council of Professions

We are delighted to welcome the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) as a professional association member, further broadening our reach into the accounting profession. CA ANZ represents more than 128, 000 financial professionals, supporting them to build value and make a difference to the businesses, organisations and communities in which they work and live.

Chartered Accountants are uniquely equipped to see the bigger picture. This perspective which comes from the depth, breadth and rigour of their training, their commitment to an ethical code, their future vision and their care for the wider community.

CA ANZ promotes high ethical standards, delivers world-class services and professional education and training to members, and advocates for the public good. “We welcome the Chartered Accountants back into our community of professional associations.  They will substantially increase the accounting professionals that we represent through our member organisations.  Considering the challenges facing Australian small and medium enterprises as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, accounting professionals are playing a vital role in Australia’s economic recovery and transformation.” said ACoP Board President Klaus Veil.

We are delighted to join the Australian Council of Professions,” said CA ANZ Group Executive of Education & Learning Simon Hann. “Our research found that accounting is one of the most trusted professions with over three quarters of the Australian and New Zealand public saying they had higher levels of trust in an accountant who is a member of a professional accounting body. We look forward to working closely with ACoP to ensure we maintain and build trust in the profession particularly as many businesses look to Chartered Accountants to help them reset and recover from the pandemic.

With the membership of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ), ACoP now represents over 930,000 professionals through its member organisations.

Welcome Back, Chartered Accountants ANZ!

Geoscience Professionals join Council of Professions

The Australian Council of Professions is delighted to welcome the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) as a professional association member, further broadening and strengthening our membership and reach.

The AIG is a dynamic, member-focussed professional institute that represents more than 2,500 professional geoscientists: geologists, geophysicists and other Earth scientists working in industry, government, education and research across Australia.

AIG President Mr Andrew Waltho welcomes AIG being accepted as a member of ACoP.  “The AIG board recognises that geoscience in Australia is not alone in facing a number of challenges in areas including professional accreditation and recognition, maintenance of educational standards both through formal university studies and continued professional development and education (CPD/CPE) and enhancing public confidence in professionals through enforceable standards of professional practice and ethics.” Mr Waltho also said that by joining ACoP, AIG seeks to both bring in an understanding of the professional issues facing Australian geoscience and learn from the experience of other ACoP members in their respective fields of practice.  “Many professional issues facing AIG are not unique to geoscience” Mr Waltho said.

We welcome the geoscience profession to our community of professional associations, they will further broaden the scope of professions that we represent.  Working in the resources sector, geoscientists are an important part of our exporting industries and will play a vital role in Australia’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.” said ACoP Board President Klaus Veil.

Mr Waltho also noted that the current ACoP policy areas of education, accreditation and employability, professionalism and ethics and diversity and inclusion are directly relevant to AIG’s members and central to the future of the geoscience professions in Australia. “We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial and productive relationship through being able to share ideas and experiences with other ACoP members” he said.

Welcome Australian Institute of Geoscientists!

ACoP joins Asia-Pacific Federation of Associations

The ACoP Board is delighted to announce that our organisation is now part of the regional associations body Asia-Pacific Federation of Associations (APFAO). As a member of the Asia-Pacific Federations been accepted as a member of the …

advocating towards the betterment of the sector and professionals working in these associations.

Leading Higher Education Independent joins ACoP

The Australian Council of Professions is delighted to welcome Navitas as a supporting organisation member, further broadening and strengthening our membership and reach.

Navitas is an Australian company that pioneered an innovative university partnership model of education in 1994 and today helps thousands of learners transform their lives through access to an extensive range of programs and services across its global network of colleges.  Navitas’ work is underpinned by an international network and a strong commitment to student experiences and outcomes as well as a passion for discovering new technologies and models of teaching and learning that will improve education now and into the future.

As well as providing pathways to education in partnership with universities, Navitas brings together niche colleges offering tertiary education programs across a wide range of sectors and specialist areas such as creative media, human services, professional services, leadership and management. It also delivers critical language, literacy, numeracy and employability programs to help learners recognise their potential.

We are currently working on a number of thought-leading initiatives in Education, Life-Long-Learning and Employability, so I am delighted that Navitas is joining us at this point in time. Their input and support will add depth and relevance to our work” said ACoP Board President Klaus Veil.

The CEO of the Careers & Industry division of Navitas, Jo Anthonysz, said he welcomed the opportunity to work more closely with ACoP and its members to help meet the learning, skills and workforce needs of all Australians.  “Navitas partners with a range of professional associations and peak bodies to advocate for reforms that improve access to a high-quality education for all,” Mr Anthonysz said.  “We welcome the opportunity to work with ACoP to help inform government policy and decision-making.”

Welcome Navitas!

Micro-Credential Experts join Council of Professions

The Australian Council of Professions (ACoP) is pleased to welcome DeakinCo, the commercial arm of Deakin University, as a Member of the Australian Council of Professions.

DeakinCo’s membership represents a valuable joining of forces to help advance Professionals and Professionalism in Australia as well as a commitment of both organisations to work together in order to close the workplace skills gap, foster lifelong learning thought leadership and promote professional excellence.

DeakinCo. has been instrumental in the design and development of the Deakin professional practice credential model, which offers a unique ability to assess distinctive professional skills capabilities across the workforce. These micro-credentialing standards, built across 26 capabilities, eventuated in response to the recognition that the global workforce is currently experiencing unprecedented change due to automation, economic instability and emerging skills capability requirements. As such, the Deakin credential model has been developed to address the needs of professionals in the changing world of work, through the provision of a robust mechanism to assess the knowledge and skills they have built through their professional experience.

Dr Asheley Jones, Head of Professional Practice is delighted that DeakinCo. has become the first Supporting Member of ACoP. “Given DeakinCo’s mission is to provide workplace solutions that assess and build workplace knowledge and skills for organisations and individuals, and ACoP’s commitment to ensuring community confidence across all professionals in all professions, this membership enables a natural synergy in the two entities working together to ensure Australia’s 21st-century work needs are met.

DeakinCo’s CEO, Glenn Campbell views the ACoP membership as “an important step in building a diverse community of practice, committed to providing a comprehensive ecosystem to underpin the lifelong learning needs of the Australian workforce.

The Australian Council of Professions congratulates DeakinCo. on their work developing teaching and learning methods that support the life-long-learning needs of professionals. ACoP President Klaus Veil FACHI FHL7 said “We are delighted to welcome DeakinCo as our first ‘Supporting Member’ organisation, a new member category our Board recently approved. Their membership will further broaden and strengthen our capability and influence in this vitally important area of professional education. Professional knowledge today has a half-life of 5 years, so providing small, targeted and assessable units of learning that re-fresh and/or top-up a professional’s expertise is attracting strong interest from our Professional Association Members.”

Welcome DeakinCo!

Community Work Professionals join ACoP

The Australian Council of Professions (ACoP) welcomes as a new Professional Association Member the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) – the professional body that supports Australia’s community work practitioners, which is also celebrating its 50-year anniversary.

ACWA joins the peak Professional body that includes many of Australia’s critical Professions including engineers, accountants, psychologists, nurses, midwives, management consultants, health information managers and pharmacologists.

Australian Council of Professions President, Associate Professor Klaus Veil, said ACoP is pleased to welcome the ACWA and looks forward to ACWA contributing to the important work of the Council. “In the world of service-orientation and “Industry 4.0” we are excited to have the national body for community workers join our Membership. The Australian Community Workers Association adds a new dimension to our thought leadership conversation in the key policy areas of Education, Professionalism, Diversity and Ethics. We congratulate ACWA on its 50 years of leadership,” said Professor Veil.

ACWA CEO, Ms Sha Cordingley, said that joining the Council was “the first step in our 50th-anniversary celebrations that will focus on bringing public awareness to the specific work of community work practitioners”. Further Ms Cordingley said, “It’s the final step of a fifty-year process that has seen community work emerge as a recognisable community of practice, a Profession, distinct from social work or personal care work. Australian community work practitioners care about the public good and the welfare of others. Their quiet efforts deserve our acknowledgment. Joining the Council is our way of letting community workers, their clients, families, employers, policy-makers and the public know that they are recognised as skilled and valued Professionals.

ACWA was formed in November 1969 as a professional group distinct from social work. The organisation is running a year-long awareness campaign to help Australians appreciate and understand the work of ACWA members.

Welcome ACWA to the Australian Council of Professions!